Knog Blinder 1, hands on!

“She was certain, she Was fiery and she was to die for…” The press release of Blinder 1 begins with these words, and we must admit it, it’s really beautiful.

At first sight the Blinder 1 seems a cut-down version of the original Blinder. Despite a lower light power and a slightly lower burn time, this light is incredibly small.
It weights only 15 grams!! With inbuilt USB recharge system!

It pumps out 20 lumens of white light through a high powered single LED, but who cares?.. it’s only 15 grams!!
The blinder 1 is 100% waterproof, and using the whole high powered LED surface will ensure maximum visibility from over 500 metres, but who cares?… it weights only 15 grams!!

It’s slightly bigger than an engagement ring, you can wear it on your hand while drinking at the pub.
You can securely post-lock your bike and forget it in your trousers pockets without any fear. It won’t bother you.

We have tested the light for a couple of weeks, and we must say that the Knog high standards perfectly correspond to its performance and technical specifications.
Good light power, USB rechargeable, low-battery indicator, waterproof, over 2 hours-life in constant mode.
Problems reported: 0, the Blinder 1 works great in any condition.

For an urban use we prefer the Blinder 1 than the standard Blinder, as the light power is suitable in any situation.
Over 2 hours in constant light are enough for home-to-work rides, and you can recharge the Blinder 1 with your USB phone charger or laptop.

Once more, great job Knog!

The Blinder 1 comes in 6 different styles. Expected in-stores October 2012 and retailing for $29.95 USD.

Technical Specifications:
– Steady, fast flash, organic flash 1, organic flash 2 and eco-flash modes
– Burn time of over 2-hours in constant and up to 11-hours eco-flash mode
– Lithium polymer battery with inbuilt USB recharge system – Positive response switch
– Incorporated red; low battery / green; charged indicator
– Rear: 11 Lumens bright
– Front: 20 Lumens bright
– Weighs in at 15 grams
– 100% Waterproof, mud-proof, sleetproof, snowproof and sludgeproof
– Flexible silicone strap with plastic clip
– Tool-less attachment for handle bars or rear posts and frames of 22–32mm ø – Wide beam angle ensuring maximum rear visibility
– Visible at over 500 metres
– 6 faceplate styles

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