Knog launches revolutionary new bell on Kickstarter

Australian cycling accessory brand Knog – known best for its Frog and Blinder lights – has launched a remarkable new style of bicycle bell today. The “Oi”, so called because of its unique O shape and attention-grabbing design brings the humble analogue bike bell into the 21st century.


Seemingly levitating around the handle bar, Knog have not only created a new bike bell, but re-imagined the age-old idea that a bell needs to be dome-shaped.

“Bells are the first thing you unscrew from your new bike” explains Knog CEO Hugo Davidson. “What if a bell looked great and sounded even better? If it was discreet, but really stood out through elegant design. With Oi, we have appealed to a breadth of personalities and riding styles without compromising any”. Davidson is referring to the 5 finishes including Copper and Titanium that come in two sizes to fit almost all handle bars.

Knog is using Kickstarter as a new platform to get to market faster, explain its design process more thoroughly and at the same time, gain a more direct dialogue with its consumer base. Davidson adds “Kickstarter funding will help us get this product to market much quicker than is otherwise possible. And more importantly, the backers on Kickstarter will get access to exclusive o ers”.


To support Knog, see their Kickstarter page here.