La Pedaleda mountain bike Marathon

The La Pedaleda event is the perfect option to explore the beautiful mountain scenery in and around Livigno. Two different types of La Pedaleda cross country races can be chosen: a short distance version with 40 kilometers and the “La Pedaleda Marathon” with 80 kilometers trail length.

Well-known professional athletes are expected, like the years before, but all ambitious hobby riders can take the challenge, too. On top, the second edition of the “La Pedaleda Tour” offers a well packed 4-days-race-program for all the mountain bike riders that want to spend a long weekend in the north Italian bike resort. Further information is available on:

The La Pedaleda races are an institution in the Italian mountain bike schedule. Both main races, the “La Pedaleda Short” and the “La Pedaleda Marathon”, are part of the national circuit FCI.

To guarantee the visitors and attendees diverse and exciting days in Livigno, the “La Pedaleda Tour” was established for the very first time in 2009. Their long weekend program includes four race stages that lead the riders across six different valleys around Livigno and showcase the most beautiful places of its unique mountain scenery:

Thursday, August 19th, first stage “Sulle tracce dei contrabbandieri”:
An interval time trial race on Livigno’s trails. The tour length is 44 kilometers, of which 26 kilometers will be raced.

Friday, August 20th, second stage “Cronoscalata”:
A 5.5 kilometers uphill race with 850 meters vertical rise.

Saturday, August 21st, third stage „Vertical Limit“:
An uphill competition that has no time or distance limit. It’s just about the question who will touch the ground with a foot and where. The rider, who will reach the highest peak, wins.

Sunday, August 22nd, fourth stage, La Pedaleda Short or Marathon race:
The successful La Pedaleda race formats stay the same. You can choose the „La Pedaleda Short“, with 40 kilometers distance and 1,560 meters altitude difference, or the „La Pedaleda Marathon“ with 80 kilometers trail length and 2,330 meters vertical rise.

The time limit is the same: you have 6.30 hours to succeed in finishing the races. Overall 16 different classes guarantee that everybody has the chance to win one of the awards and prizes.

The tour and weekend schedule is rounded up with many side events like the fire party with the Pizzocheri Party, a trial show or the Minipedaleda race for kids.

The center of the whole event program is located in the very inner city, including an Expo Area, a play area for children and stages with different shows. A fun weekend with a lot of pure nature adventures for the whole family is guaranteed.

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