Landing Updates

Alix has been really busy lately and so his fellows, workin’ hard to bring fresh news to us babblers! First of all Long time Landing buddy Stian Solberg has been in recovery for 3 weeks now because of a bad fall at bear and unfortunately a broken bone of his shoulder: he’s good now, though.

In other news Joey Van Essen and Gerrit Verweij from Holland are are Breckenridge at the moment enjoying the late season park par: here is the photo evidence. A Lucas Wilson awesome black&white picture appeared on the latest photo issue of TWS. Last but not Least, Landing is searching for US retalier so come on, call Alix and sell his gorgeous products.


Talkin about gorgeous product, check this new beanie from ’09 collection. Oh man, I almost forgot! Dj Knuckz enjoy Landing beanies, too!