Livigno launches the bike season 2010

The bike season in Livigno is about to take off and all gravity loving mountain bike riders can look forward to the Swatch Bikepark Mottolino Opening on June 12th and 13th. The one of its kind mountain scenery in Northern Italy is often called “little Tibet” and offers 3.200 kilometers/ 2,000 miles of trails and GPS-tracks for mountain bikers and road cyclists .

The unique bike destination owns a well-built infrastructure that makes it easy to reach by car and by train. The Italian mountain resort provides various customized services and offers for all bike fans and vacationers. Livigno also hosts a selection of international bike highlights like the Giro d’ Italia, Transalp, the La Pedaleda Marathon, the Woman Tour of Italy, the 1st IMBA “Flow Country” conference and the SuperEnduro race series in 2010.

Livigno is well known in the mountain bike scene for the UCI Downhill Championships back in 2005, as well as a perfect place for altitude training among road cycling athletes because of its elevation. But the town located 1816 meters (about 6,000 ft.) above the sea level is famous as a central starting point for road or mountain bike tours toward Engadin, Forcola Pass, Foscagno Pass, Stelvio Pass, Mortirolo, Albula or Maloja.

The Kona Groove Approved Swatch Bikepark Mottolino also offers freeride fans a big bandwidth of different trails and sportive challenges. Various international pro athletes and teams in the different bike sport categories and disciplines therefore choose Livigno for training each year.

Mountain bike trials legend Hans “No Way” Rey even went one step beyond and recently announced the 1st official IMBA “Flow Country” Conference & Workshop from July 20th to 25th. Professional trail builders from all over the world will make their way to Livigno to discuss the innovative “Flow Country” trails concept and its potential as well as have best practice sessions out there at the slope of Mottolino Fun Mountain.

But it’s not only about pro riders and trail builders. Training camps for the average rider are offered, too: The FREERIDE Magazine Camp with instructors like Holger Meyer, Tibor Simai and Rob J hit Livigno from August 12th to 15th as well as a special women only camp by Petra Mussig from July 23rd to 25th.

Livigno’s event-bag is also well packed for all the ones that are more into races and competitions:

– The “Giro d’ Italia“ – the Tour of Italy – visited Livigno on Saturday, May 29th.
– The SuperEnduro series makes a Pro tour stop in Livigno from June 19th to 20th. The unique competition format of the SuperEnduro makes it the most fun event for all participants: you have a certain amount of time to climb an uphill section, but your time at the downhill sections counts for the actual result.

You are only allowed to use one bike for the different stages of the comp, so it makes the SuperEnduro series the perfect competition for all the regular mountain bike riders that don’t want to have the performance pressure on the classic cross country or downhill races.

– The Women Tour of Italy “Giro d’ Italia Femminile” takes a break in Livigno on the second Weekend in July: between the eighth stage from Chiavenna to Livigno (93 km) on July 9th and the her ninth stage from Livigno to the Stelvio Pass (68,50 km) on July 10th

– The „Transalp“ – the most popular mountain bike stage race across the alps – visits Livigno after four of overall eight stages: Scuol – Livigno on July 20th and Livigno – Ponte Di Legno on July 21st

– The long “La Pedaleda” weekend does not only feature a 40 kilometers race and the legendary “La Pedaleda Marathon” (80 kilometers) on August 22nd. The “La Pedaleda Tour” event starts on August 19th and offers a well-packed program including three tour stages – one each day.

– The Swatch Bikepark’s annual “Mottolino Freeride Contest” marks the end of the 2010 gravity bike season in Livigno on September 25th: Three easy going and fun orientated disciplines are open for everyone: the “Easy Downhill”, the “Jump Session” on Livigno’s dirt jump line, and the “Trick Trial” on the big air cushion at the “Swatch Shoot my Ride” area.

Until then, the Swatch Bikepark Mottolino has following operation times: June 12th to September 26th: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. as well as every weekend and every day from July 17th to August 29th: from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Get all the information you might need on: . Additional summer accommodation packages offer pure bargains. The “MTB PARADISE 4×3” includes four nights accommodation for the price of three, if you arrive on Sunday. Starting at a price of 195 Euros, this package is offered from June 5th to October 16th (

Livigno is waiting for you with endless trails and tour options. Thanks to the services offered by the AR Bike Hotels, professional instructors ( and the different transport facilities – not only the bike park gondolas, but also the Red Bernina Train – all cross country and freeride fans won’t get any chance to get bored in Livigno, but instead they can explore the unique “little Tibet” in the centre of Europe by bike.

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