Local Support Miniramp Challenge Results

Two quarterpipes and a spine – the riders at the Telekom Local Support Miniramp Challenge last weekend at the KDL indoor skatepark in Riedstadt/Germany proved that you don’t need more than that for a proper BMX contest! There were tons of „Oh-my-God!“-moments during the runs as the amateurs and pros gave everything to get their hands on some of the awesome prizes and the qualification spots for the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds.

BAM! BAM! BAM! The mini ramp offered tricks almost every second. While still applauding for one trick, the next jaw-dropping trick was already on its way. The riders pushed each other to the limits and showed off impressive bangers such as wallride to whip or 3m high drop ins. It wasn’t easy for the judges Sergej Geier, Timm Wiegmann and Max Henning to allocate the points but in the end the winners were determined.

Within the amateur class it was 20 years old Maarten Knipp from Wuppertal who convinced everyone. On the podium he didn’t just receive a trophy and tons of prizes by Monster Energy, Pro-tec, the Fiat Freestyle Team, Felt Bikes

and the 2four7 shop but also a wildcard for a starting place at the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds on 28.08.2011 in Hamburg where he can then show his skills again. This time in front of 7.500 spectators and against riders such as Mark Webb, Harry Main and Alex Coleborn though. The local Jan Mihaly came second, the only 13 years old Felix Prangenberg came third.

The ranking of the qualifying hardly ever gives away clues to the finals. The same here with the pros: the ranking got mixed up completely, showing how close the points were and how good all of the riders! In the end of the day Daniel Tünte had the biggest smile on his face.

ith tricks such as decade airs and backflip to fakie to barspin he was able to convince the judges and secured the first place in front of Markus Reuss and Adrian Warnken. Those three are not just super happy about the travel prize money but also about the qualification for the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds where they will definitely try to make Germany proud!

Results and pictures on www.telekom-localsupport.de
Pictures by David Ulrich courtesy of Millhaus