Lorenz Holder: What’s in the Bag?

In 2013, Lorenz Holder was crowned the Overall Winner of Red Bull Illume in Hong Kong. The accomplishment capped an amazing night for him, as six of his submissions placed in the Top 250. Red Bull Illume caught up with Lorenz to talk about what gear he uses to capture his extraordinary images.


What’s your favourite camera / lens combo?
“The Canon 5D mkiii and the Canon 70-200mm / 2.8. This combo is pretty much what I use for 70% of my shots. I love the full sensor-size on the camera and the ability to shoot at 2.8 with the lens all the way to 200mm. It just gives the pictures a very natural look and a nice bokeh to the parts of the image that are not in focus. I just love this combo.”

What’s the latest addition to the bag?
“The latest addition was the Canon 700D that is infrared modified. I had an analog Hasselblad back in the day – I just loved to take colour infrared on film, but unfortunately Kodak stopped producing those films a while ago. So last summer I just wanted to shoot infrared again and bought this small camera. It took me a while to get the same look than I had on the Kodak film, but now I’m super happy that I can create the same images in a digital way.”

If you could add any one item to the bag, what would it be?
“That’s a tough question. Does this mean, that I also have to carry it? Right now I just pack in my backpack what I really need for a certain shoot – so when I go in the backcountry I try to be as light as I can. So I probably won’t bring the tilt & shifts. But you can also give me a sherpa and a really long lens like a Canon 600mm.”

What’s up with the snowboard?
“Nitro gave me the chance to design 5 of their snowboards with ‘photo-graphics’. So it took me a while to figure out what kind of pictures I wanted on the board. The only thing I knew pretty much straight away, was that I didn’t want just random old photos mixed together. I wanted to shoot pictures just for the boards so my idea was to shoot double exposures of urban and nature things. I went into the nature for one week and spent one week in Berlin to mix it all together on camera. I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out, especially because there was no Photoshop involved, it was all composed straight in the camera.”

You entering Illume this year?
“Yes I will enter again. Let’s see how it turns out..”


Lorenz’s full gear list:

– Manfrotto 190 with MHXPro 3-Way-Head

– F-Stop Loka

– Canon 5D mkiii
– Canon 5D mkii
– Canon 700D infrared modification

– Canon 8-15mm / f4 Fisheye
– Canon 24-70mm / f2.8
– Canon 70-200mm /f2.8
– Hartblei 45mm Tilt/Shift
– Hartblei 80mm Tilt/Shift
– Carl Zeiss 50mm / f1.4
– Carl Zeiss 18mm /f3.5

– Heliopan Polarizer
– Heliopan ND 3.0
– Lens cloth
– Dust blower
– Kenko Tele-Converter Teleplus Pro 1.4

F-Stop Redfern Pouch:
– All the small stuff, cables, flash connectors, etc.

– Canon 550ex

F-Stop Elkhorn Pouch:
– 6 Pocket Wizard Plus III
– LPA Pre-release cable for remote camera
– Canon remote controller TC-80N3

– Nitro “Team Double Exposure 157“ Lorenz Holder collaboration board

For more of Lorenz Holder’s work, head to his website and Instagram.

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