Lose The Map

This story came from our mates Marco Bagni

I used to be a Motion Designer, I used to love my job.
I’ve spent countless hours in front of that monitor, trying to make the most out of my crativity.
However, I knew there was something more, somewhere, worthy to be seen.
I knew life couldn’t be just about rendering and compositing.
I need more, need new inspirations: I need to see the world.

Fuck it, now or never: I said goodbye to the life I knew and set sail for this amazing journey.

Asia to me is the edge of the world, and I want to go further.
From St. Petersburg to Hong Kong, through the Gobi Desert and the Great Wall of China, down the Mekong River ’till I reached Borneo Island.

1 Year has passed, and I’m still pushing to make it real, hyper-real.

I use to move still stuff stuff ar my job.
Now I’m freezing moments with my camera.

This is a 1 year account of why I love this journey.
I Have no idea of what’s going to happen, not even where I’ll end up tomorrow.

This is the present man.

Eventually the only thig that matters is today.
Yesterday has gone already, and tomorrow might be too late.

Getting lost is the best way to find your own path.

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