The rider from the outer space: waffles with Ludwig Lejkner

words: Ross
photos: Andreas Nilsson, Felicia Israelsson, Adam Klingeteg, Jan Homm

It was 2006 when this young Swede got in touch with the German crew Isen seven and entered their world from a backdoor, with a little presence in the bonus section. But the dude had serious skills and so the next year young Ludwig earned his own video part, landing on earth like an alien. Since then I put Ludde under my radar and observed his natural skills improving with no break, first mainly on the kickers and park and then on rails, where he started showing crazy combos that only the Helgasons could name. The best think of Ludde – ridiculous skills apart – is the humility and the anti rockstar attitude. He seems not to be focused in collecting shoots on magazines, becoming the next snowboard rockstar or whatever, he simply enjoy his life with ease, while his style become better and his tricks burlier

Hi Ludde, where are you now exactly and what are you doing?
Hello homie, I’m right now back Home in my hometown Falun (Sweden) moving in to my new crib its a banger mister hell yeah!!!

In your facebook profile you wrote you attended snowboard school; are you still in there or have you left since you started flyin’ around the world to shoot and film?
I’m done now with my school since one year ago so stoked dude, well can’t say it’s much more of a diffrence now cause I was never in school anyways because of the traveling hehe, but it was the best school ever!

the swamp thing Ph. Andreas Nilsson

I recently saw a clip about a challenge between you and freeskier Kim Boberg, where you tried to ski and he tried to snowboard. What do you think about freesking? Seems that many kids are getting into freesking recently…
hell yeah that’s my homie I grow up with this dude, well u know i think snowboard is waaaaaaaaaaaaay doper than skies for shizzle but no hating on them cause I homie with alot of skiers.

Ludwig Lejkner popped out  first time to my eye in the Isenseven Bonus Section of Prediculous 2006 video, then the year later you got your part where you appeared like an alien landed on the earth. Since then, you always had your spot in the Isensven works. You feel tight with the german guys? Did you film other videoparts other then with them?
I love them man such a sick crew everybody are just so messed up and awesome haha better crew u can’t get:) Well this year I’ve been filming for random bastards that’s a swedish crew with such good rail riders stoked to have a part in their movie!!

Fly Ludde Fly Ph. Felicia Israelsson

Still talkin’ about Isenseven and you, in an old interview Alex (Ndr. Schiller, Isenseven head honcho) told me that the intros of the parts were rappresenting something about the rider. In your last videopart you appear in several TV shows and games: are you a TV addicted or you’d like to be invited by Jerry Springer?
haha thats whats up, it would be a banger to be invited to Jerry man and I guess I’m a tv freak haha TV nerd repesent whuuuut up foools ;)

Checking your video parts I noticed that in the early one there was less rails and more jumps, while in the last two video the proportion has been inverted. Was it casual or are you concentrating on rails? Which is the terrain you feel at home the most?
It’s totally true,  in the first parts I was just riding kickers and park after a while i just wanted to try some other stuff, and I love rails since day one when I started snowboarding so I gave street a try and I got hooked and realized rails is what I wanna do mostly and kickers as well but rails in first hand.


Your Madventures Clip the end is pretty scary! you fell from a rail and then the video ends with you that sit on a van…what happened then?
I got a really bad edge cut and landed straight on my face/knee/ribs hehe everything got kinda messed up for some time but it wasnt anything really bad so I was back snowboarding 3 weeks later with some painfull ribs

Jus’ a fs 180 to press revert out Ph. Jan Homm

Which are the riders from Isenseven Rooster you like to ride the most? Or if you don’t want to express preferences, who are the one you ride with that and you liked?
Alex Tank that’s my boy and we like almost the same shitt so hellll yeah!!

When you’re not travelling with Isenseven, or Burton, or Monster buddies, who are your riding (and not) dudes?
My homeboys sweden crusing with my homies is the best in our local park Klappen hell yeah

Spring break Ph. Adam Klingeteg

And what you enjoy to do when you’re not flyin on a plane or on a snowboard deck?
Just hangtime and madness party with my homies !!!!!!!!!

What do we must expect from your incoming video part from Kaleidoscope? I saw some your tricks and they’re pretty awesome…
well I hope u guys gonna like it! haha I’m not good at talking about myself!

Ludde doesn’t smoke, actually Ph. Andreas Nilsson

Ok Ludde, thank you very much for your time, wish you a bright season and can’t wait to see your part…any last shouts?
thank u my pleasure buddy, keep it 023 and one love peaaaaace