‘MacAskill’s Imaginate’ riding clip to be released on the 18th June

After much anticipation, the date for the release of Danny MacAskill’s new riding clip has been announced as Tuesday 18th June.
Following on from 4 episodes of the Imaginate web series, anticipation has been building around the new clip.
Seen as his most ambitious project to date, ‘MacAskill’s Imaginate’ promises to be a move away from Danny’s previous riding clips, the hugely successful ‘Inspired’, ‘Way Back Home’ and most recently ‘Industrial Revolutions’.



Of the project Danny says, “I have had such a free-range to build the set ups that have allowed me to do the tricks that have just been in my dreams until now”
A project that has been shrouded in secrecy will be exposed in its entirety on the 18th June.
To see the trailer for the riding clip head to www.redbull.com/imaginate