MadeIT – Moto Movie

Exactly one year ago WideRide launched #First, a medium-length film dedicated to the world of offroad, MX and Enduro in particular.
It proved to be a successful attempt to produce an all-Italian video showing, for the first time, both well-established and up-and-coming riders in Italy.


Now, after intense production and post-production sessions, WideRide is launching MadeIT, another medium-length video auto-produced and filmed entirely in Italy, featuring the  favourite venues and tracks of the participating riders.


They are all at World Championship level; Alex Salvini, Alessandro Lupino,Deny Philippaerts, Davide Bonini, Edoardo D’Ambrosio, Gianluca Facchetti, David Philippaerts and with the participation of Ilario Ricci, Team Manager of the Ricci Racing.

MadeIT has been possible thanks to Athena, GET, GoPro, DC Italia, MotocrossLab, Braaper and LBDesign who have all firmly believed in this production – another WideRide project.

WideRide is a creation of Giorgio Giustozzi and Aldo Caldarelli.

Title: Requiem / Light & Motion
Salvini: Postcards / Letting Un Despite Great Faults
Lupino: Volcano / Up The Empire
Deny P.: Seventeen / Professor Kliq
cc: by nc sa
Bonini: Two Dimensional World / Dope Star Inc.
cc: by nc sa
D’ambrosio: Yeah People / Oohlala
Facchetti: I’m Schizophrenic (No I’m Not) / New Duncan Imperials
DP19: Life Of A Dog / Slowride
End title: 4th of July / The Brightwings

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