Month / January 2008

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  • PROPS, The Best of 2007

    The annual compilation of the best BMX of the year. The choicest clips from 2007 PROPS Video Magazine issues, plus “Credits Compilation” featuring this year’s credits sections without titles.

  • Muriel Ph. Supa Dupa-Interview

    For old skate dogs (let’s say adult skate dogs) Muriel is a spotlight in the dark age of the nineties skate era.

  • Landing 2008

  • Rock the Spot

    Rock the Spot

  • Nitro Snowboards is proud to announce the new Team riders

    Jon Kooley, Bryan Fox and Austin Smith

  • F1rst

    The latest, and highly anticipated, movie from Clay Porter (Distinction Productions) is the epically filmed “F1RST“, and today sees the launch of the new web site featuring the captivating new trailer. World Premiere set for April 18, in Monterey, during the week of the Sea Otter Classic. Visit

  • Alix Gindre interview

    This young frenchman knows how the business thing works! He’s only 21, but he’s aimed to get high and cover all the snowboarder heads with Landing wool!

  • Final Combat

    Freeride Modena

  • Behind the Color

  • Oliver Mondino Year

    Great year for Oliver Mondino! First of all his double victory at Prato Nevoso Stairway to heaven & Toshiba rail night both along with his buddy Max Galfre’, then Grenade as new sponsor. Thing seems couldn’t go better for this rail veteran from Cuneo!Olly pushed the limits of rail riding when all other famous riders…

  • Dakine Builders Pack

    Released at Interbike, designed specifically for mountain bike trail builders and is going to retail for $140. Dave Bisset (Dakine’s Senior Pack Designer) who is also a trail builder, has been working with a bunch of builders to dial in the Builders Pack. This is specialized product for a core group of niche users who…

  • Summer of fit

    Who said that without dirtjumps bmx is boring? Nobody, we hope, as try yourselves to ride a bank, jump over a fence and landing on wall riding it; only when you’ll be able to do it without killing yourselves, you can tell us that bmx is for dummies. And this is just a bite. Who…