Month / March 2008

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  • Laura Hadar opens her own shop

    Laura Hadar is opening her own shop named FICE that will carry the ultimate brands in snowboard, skateboard and street gear around. You’ll easily find pieces from Holden, WeSc, Alife, Coal, Nikita,…

  • Skullcandy goes Rasta

    Skullcandy, the preferred audio gear manufacturer of extreme sports lovers, lets you discover three new ways to express your inner Rasta with the Smokin’ Buds, GI, and Ti headphones and earbuds.

  • Keepod Bmx Contest, Milan

    What’s worse than not having days off duty? Having days off duty to spend with relatives during Eastern holidays.

  • Billy Fresolone on Bataleon

    Billy Fresolone, a rider from Como famous for his loudness other than for his skills, tried a Goliath Board and fell in love with her so much that he wouldn’t give it…

  • Fog

  • Fise Montpellier MTB slopestyle contest

    Huge News! FISE organizes the first Mountain Bike Slope Style Contest during the Festival International des Sport Extremes.

  • Easter White Miracle

    Imagine you, heading to your secret spot, all want you’re searching for is a quiet spring shred to keep inside one last picture of winter.

  • A sport called Ruzzola

    Does everybody tell you you can’t reach goods results in any sport? Do you feel uncomfortable with any multicoloured hitech sport equipment on? Are you afraid of hurting?

  • Watch out! Rocks in the middle review

    Today I want to spend some words on this video project, born in 2006 in the very middle of Italy, not so far from the Capital. Its name is Rockinthemiddle, the maccaroni traslation for Rocca di mezzo, the name of a small south Appennines town

  • My colleague is an alien

    In my company there are 220 employees. All happy and dolt, except for me. I’ve always wondered what or who’s guiding us in this endless universe.

  • Nicola Carignani new Italian Insight 51 ambassador

    Nicola Carignani is a dreamer, a shooter, a world traveller and a surf lover. Insight 51 is an Australian original brand in love with surf, art and self expression. The brand fitted…

  • Völkl World Rookie Fest

    After the stops in Italy and Czech Republic and many dedicated rookie events at a 1 and 2 stars level, the last World Rookie Fest of the season, powered by Völkl, will be in one of the best parks in Tirol, Austria: Ischgl presented by n.asa