Month / October 2008

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  • Fellas Ottobre 2008

  • Wonka 01

    Wonka 01

  • Lunar Landscape

    Freeride Modena Marano

  • King of Dirt

    Re della terra Swamp Trail S. Giovanni Lupatoto Verona

  • Let’s Party Hard

    When it’s time to party, we always do it hard!! You really thought we behinders were going to party like others? Noope! We like do it real and we like do it hard! So we gathered our friend from Landing (Italian team), our buddies from Mud&Snow shop (check it out the booth @ skipass, too)…

  • Sho-Wroom #12

    Hi everybody! This issue of Sho-Wroom is dedicated to the thread that tie skateboarding and street culture. To exalt the concept, we decided to shoot the pieces between some decks; not a good idea you say? We thought it was cool, though! There’s some eternal stussy limited tee’s, some fine pieces from the new collection…

  • Sweetspots returns for a second winter season

    16th October sees another epic reel of Sweetspots films go live on as the Nike ACG team takes you on a journey all over the globe searching for the freshest of lines n the most unique locations. French compatriots Mati Imbert & Laurent Niol head deep into he Nepalese Himalayas to register first descents…

  • Va-t-en a Vetan!

    There’s a place in this world where people can be your friends after five minutes. Where, after five minutes, you know them as good as from a lifetime.

  • Vetan Riders Party

    Vetan Reunion

  • Charity activity in favour of Wings for Life

    An innovative charity auction will quicken the pulse of bike fans as of November 11th, 2008: The signed helmets of mountain bike stars Andreu Lacondeguy, Benny Korthaus and Tarek Rasouli

  • Wonka 00

    Wonka 00

  • The wedding day

    She was waiting for him outside, on her wedding day. She had figured him coming on his old bike he passionately restored, dressed in his best suit