Month / May 2009

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  • Sumo Fighting

    Sumo fighting

  • FISE Experience Tour – Mont De Marsan

    FISE team continue to organize the FISE EXPERIENCE tour, and the next stop is in Mont de Marsan down town

  • War of the generation

    On june 13-14, Schnalstal ropes will switch on again for another epic summer. War of the generations want to be a gathering more than a fight, between the old generation that creates…

  • Fise 09 flatland

    Fise 2009 Montpellier BMX flatland

  • Fise 09 .. people

    Fise 2009 Montpellier

  • Fise 09 – Street finals

    Fise 2009 Montpellier BMX

  • CMYK new Blog

    Guys from CMYK shoes informed us about their new blog. So if you wanna know what’s going on at CMYK and their buddies, surely you’ll find something interesting here.

  • The Secret Spot

    The Secret Spot

  • Maio point of view

    Maio is one of the shiniest people you could ever meet. When you get through him, he always has a word and a smile for you. Some of you could already know Maio (real name Alberto Maiorano) through the early behind mag pages, ’cause he got an extended interview on the first glorious version of our website.

  • Garda Lake Skate Tour

    Garda Skate Tour

  • Obey X Stereo skateboards

    MayDay dist fellas gave us this precious shout about the fresh collab between Obey Giant and massive skateboard company Stereo. The collab will concretely take shape in a limited edition deck collection…

  • My Point of View

    My Point of View