Month / June 2009

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  • Out of Bounds Weekend

    Every year the Out of Bounds Weekend is an important event in the European freeride schedule. Leogang’s freeride festival is setting new standards in 2009.

  • fellas 014

  • Scars of Time

    A chat with Scarful. As many as those of a person born in ’68 who watched the graphic and artistic scene in Rome growing up. As many as the serigraphies, the stickers and the t-shirts coming out from his lab.

  • Ashbury new drafts

    Asbury Italian division enlarged its fresh blood team with Stefano “Benki” Benchimol and Giulio Valfrè

  • Fise 09 Dirt Finals

    Fise 2009 Montpellier BMX

  • Andreu Lacondeguy got metal

    Last year’s Crankworx Whistler slopestyle winner Andreu Lacondeguy recently broke the scaphoid bone in his right hand during a training session.

  • Good morning America

    The air is warm, cars are huge, the streets too, Americans even more. The american coffee is hot, the houses are snazzy, the trees are really different from ours, such as their snow.

  • We Ride is on!

    We Ride is a brand new project launched by a crew of guys in love with the 20″, just to spread their passion and affect more and more people, introducing them to…

  • Maribor, Fabien Barel win

    Fabien Barel won the Maribor World Cup DH race, just 0.71 ahead of Sam Hill. Its only a couple of months since he went down with a horrific knee injury that would…

  • High Noon

    The best bmxers, some of the best mtb riders and the new generations friendly challenging, the youngest electrified as hanging to the electric threads. A very terrific movie to watch again for ages

  • The Secret Spot

    At a first sight, nothing in it, everything for us. Just 1.800 mts high, and you find paradise, Dolomites streams kissing those Carnic, white untouched snow whenever ’till summer.

  • Debacle

    An HD video project by Nike SB featuring Justin Brock, Daryl Angel, David Clark, Grant Taylor, Shane O’Neill and Theotis Beasley. Nike is making the first High Definition Skateboarding video, In a…