Month / August 2009

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  • Pump Track World Champs

    $4000 big ones in prize money, secret location. Timed 10 lap challenger, no pedalling allowed, start ramp toget you up speed, top 15 go into finals.

  • That Seventies Session

    Aosta freeride

  • Doors are opened for 2010!

    Doors put togheter a team for living their features a true testing plus taking ispiration from the real rider minds. Last but not least, their quality is absolutely indisputabile.

  • Nate’s adventures pt.7

    Nate’s back! His fellow Matty Ryan flew down greece to meet the business partner (Nate himself) and talking about the glorious future of Bozwreck empire. But the truth is, despite the Matt skirt and laptop, they were getting drunk and talking shit….as usual! [vimeo width=”350″ height=”197″][/vimeo]

  • DC and Groove Armada team for a special 2009 collaboration

    Electronic music meets style, Groove Armada and DC shoes announced a special partnership that finished in a limited edition sneaker inspired to the band history.

  • “Headless” win Olliewood 2009

    The “Headless” team took first place this weekend with their film “How to get ahead in Skateboarding” featuring Bristol local Korahn Gayle tearing up the local skate spots.

  • Martin Soederstroem signs with rasoulution

    In 2008 Soederstroem had his international breakthrough. He rode at various dirt and slopestyle contests in Europe and proved to the world’s best riders that he is right amongst them and actually has got more skills than most of them.

  • Pila by a tuned 80

    Pila freeride

  • Fise – La Plagne, the results

    Fise team was this week-end in La Plagne ski station for a big step of Fise Experience in inline skating, skateboard and BMX.

  • Cosmic³

    40 of Europes best hardcourt bicycle polo teams came together to compete in the 1st European Polo Championships held in London.

  • A long introspective regenerating trip

    Run straight ahead to the glacier!, 4° at 2,00 pm over there (this is paradise!), trails on the moon 3200 mts. high and down straight to 1600 mts, hands out of service, cows! cows! cows!… and sheeps!… and their shepherd dogs.

  • Props Road Fools 17

    Road Fools 17 travels from Tennessee to Georgia, featuring teams Etnies and Kink. Copping bad attitudes, they battled it out over clips, spots, and who can talk the most smack.