Month / February 2012

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  • iuter spring summer 2012

    IUTER presents the Spring Summer 2012 collection. This year the “100% Made in Italy” brand was inspired by the theme “Modern Primitives”,

  • Yannick Granieri and Sam Reynolds visit Polygon factory

    Yannick and Sam traveled around half the globe to meet their new sponsor Polygon and pick up their brand new bikes.

  • VELOBerlin gears up for its second edition

    After a successful debut last year, VELOBerlin will take place for the second time on March 24 and 25, 2012. This co-production by the Friedrichshafen-based event EUROBIKE and Berlin’s center for cycling expertise Velokonzept

  • Tips For The Road – Jamie Lynn #1

    listen to the legends of Snowboarding! You can learn from their experience and even safe some cash

  • Saison BMX – Fise Xperience 2012

    The French tour Fise Xperience begins again in 2012. This year is the sixth season, and ten dates are planned.

  • Quintin summer 2012 collection.

    Quintin presents the new Summer 2012 collection. With another season under the belt, the brand move further into the fabrication aspect of their designs.

  • Quintin Summer 2012 collection preview

  • Now is a winner!

    “The Now Binding is an absolute game changer in the snowboarding market. It is a completely new beginning. I am very anxious to finally be able to test the binding for myself.”

  • A night on site

    RHYTHM and SABRE hosted “A NIGHT ON SITE” during ISPO 2012 in Munich, Germany. Two nights of Art, Film, Photo, Music and good times.

  • Booom, Knog Boomer hands on

    Kissed by fortune, lately we had some new Knog products to test. What better than winter cold and dark for using the new Boomer lights?

  • Knog Boomer hands on

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  • The next big thing! Mainline

    During all these years, the most frequent rumour was the band split. We are thinking on a FAQ section of our website where we answer: Not yet, thank you.