Since 2006 the worlds’ best riders have traveled to Bikepark Leogang to throw down their biggest tricks on the 26TRIX course. Over the years, spectators have seen numerous trick debuts, which have progressed the sport. In 2015, this FMB Gold Event will take place for the tenth time. To celebrate this occasion let’s check out the ten best moments

Out of nowhere, two Spanish brothers appeared in Leogang in 2006 and made it straight into the ranks of the top elite. The younger one, Andreu Lacondeguy stood out with outstanding tricks and style in his first international contest. Andreu’s backflip, 360 and tailwhip all seemed to come with ease for this punk-rocking rider. Nearly a decade later, the freeride scene cannot imagine the sport without Andreu. In the same year, Greg Watts turned everyone’s head in the mountain bike world by pulling off the first ever double backflip in a mountain bike competition; Greg wrote mountain bike history at Leogang’s first edition of 26TRIX.


In 2009 little did we all know that the British rider, Sam Pilgrim, was going to be FMB World Tour Champion one day (2013). Six years ago, Sam embraced the new possibilities that the 26TRIX course offered with its big line. Without once riding the big airtime line during practice, Sam took the risk in his final run, landed a massive frontflip and took the win that day.


Two years later, progression once again returned to 26TRIX. Despite not making the podium in 2011, Cam McCaul did a squeaky-clean front flip superman. This stunt-like trick reinforced the message that 26TRIX is a home of world-class dirt jumping. In 2011, the Canadian athlete Brandon Semenuk added 26TRIX to his collection of victories. Brandon’s winning run back in 2011 included a backflip tailwhip followed by a double tailwhip and ended it with a frontflip over the last double – a progressive collection of tricks to lay down in one single run.


In 2012 the age of “combo’s” was born and technical riders like Thomas Genon took the stage. His astonishing run brought a whole new box of tricks like the Decade into the sport and from here nothing but airtime has stood in the way of progression.

Then, in 2013 more tricks dropped on the daily. The young Polish rider Szymon Godziek – currently booming on the best trick scene – landed a cashroll. A trick known in BMX but until then untouched in MTB contests. Szymon won the GoPro Best Trick that day in Leogang.


Staying true to the 26TRIX history – the best was still to come. Last year, the trick level was off the charts. Sam Reynolds landed his awesome bikeflip in his final run, and celebrated accordingly! But he was missing from the top spot because of Antoine Bizets double backflip nohand – the world’s first ever at a mountain bike contest! The Frenchman took Best Trick that day, but victory went to the dark horse of the season – Nicholi Rogatkin who established the level of the sport for the upcoming season. His winning run included a technical cashroll, massive lawn dart frontflip and a smooth triple tailwhip. Where will 26TRIX take the sport this year? On June 12th and 13th all will be revealed as the cream of the crop return to write more history in the books.
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