01 The new album is finally out. Your first impression? Are you fully satisfied?!
Yeah! In our opinion we did a better job than “Bet Your Hearts”, but we are hopeful to do better for the next one, but meanwhile we will enjoy all of the work that we did for “Behind The Smile”.

02 Are you a difficult person to work with?
I think that is easy to work with no one, everybody has his way to think and his way of work and sometimes it’s not easy create something when everyone’s opinions match, but the most important thing is to find compromise with your colleagues inside and outside the band.

03 Have you ever made any enemies along the way?
This is really a good question! The answer is yes, the world of the music and the music biz is not a simple world where work, because everyone want to be better than you, old roman people in latin said “Mors tua, vita mea” it means “your death, my life”. It’s not easy to find good friends in other bands or producer.

04 What’s the most hilarious thing you’ve witnessed during your time in the band?
After the show in moscow the promoter puts some good music just to dance all together with the fans and other bands, at 6.00 a.m. The lead singer of the other italian band try to bring us in the tourbus but we were totally drunk and everyone tried to escape from the bus, for us was really hilarius, but i’m not sure it’s the same for him!

05 What’s the hardest part of the lifestyle you’ve chosen?
Well, in my opinion the hardest part is the lack of time, we usually go in the session room 4 times per week, and mixed with work, family, girlfirend and friends it’s really not so easy.

06 Is there a song you’re most proud of writing and why?
Maybe it’s “Carry on”, because we wrote that song with the hope that one day someone will listen to that and will say: “Really thank you guys! You helped me to carry on!”.

07 What are your personal ambitions?
My ambition is to become a great musician in my future and live touring the World with my band, it’s our dream since we started.


08 And about the band?
Everyone of the band thinks the same about their ambitions, I said it before, it’s our dream since we started to play.

09 What albums would you take to a desert island?
Nice question! Ahah! All together we say “Sempiternal” by Bring Me The Horizon.

10 What band would you like to see split up and which would you like to see re-form?
I think it’s never good when a band splits-up, i think if it happens to my band and it wouldn’t be so nice, well most probably if i can choose a band to re-form ,i would like Nirvana.

11 What do you take with you when you are in tour?
I don’t know, i haven’t any lucky charm, but for what i saw i think that i’ll need one for the next tour, i’m thinking about a pick in a necklace!

12 What does the band do to kill time when you’re on the road?
Someone sleeps, someone listen to music some other simply talk and I usually make stupid videos just for the memories,between one shut-eye and one another ahahah!


13 Do you collect something?
No, not in the moment, but i’m thinking about to begin to collect one coin from ever country that we will tour from Japan to U.S.A.!

14 What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?
Oh yeah! What a wonderful day! Ok… No, I’m joking ahah! I usually say: “S**t! It’s late and I have to do a lot of things!” I’m always in hurry, in everything that i have to do since having breakfast untill i have to go to sleep!

15 Talk to me about your new album “Behind the Smile”. Which is the best and the worst thing of the new stuff?
Well, the best thing is that we are reaching the sound that we wanted, the worst is that we haven’t the sound that we wanted but we are totally determineted for the third album. We like a lot the concept of the album, becouse we tried to explain one feelings in every song, it’s not just a song, each of them has something to say, some situatons where someone can find himself.

16 The new album it’s a sort of evolution for the project Rejected, expecially on your sound/style. Do you agree? And why this changement? Why do you have worked in this direction?
Yes I Agree in 100% we want to change our way of work and our musical genre and this is a transition album between “Bet Your Hearts” and the third album, with the experience of this one we will do a better work, we will correct every imperfection that we did in behind the smile.

17 “Behind the Smile”, what do you mean with this title?
With “Behind The Smile” we want to indicate all the sensations and feeling (happy or sad) that can be hidden behind a simple smile, something like: “hey what’s behind that mask?” and like i said before every song has some sensations or feeling hidden inside.

18 Favourite alcoholic drink?
Of course russian Vodka! It seems water but i think it is something from Hell!

19 Who would you most like to have a drink with?
Well, if I can drink something with all of the Bring Me The Horizon or Asking Alexandria I think it could be beautiful!


20 Album you would like to be played at your funeral?
Well… Just for use modern music i think “That’s the Spirit” by Bring Me The Horizon.

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