I just love waking up knowing I will go on the mountains to do what is my passion, enjoying every little second in the nature. There is no schedule, no „you must start“ and no „ you will stop“ ,no what-to-do list..


Exploring the world with friends and having an awesome time is my daily life in the world of Snowboarding.

I am 19 years-old and I live in the small Kühtai ski resort in Austria. This is also the place where it all begun, 6 years ago. My sister and I saw those super cool guys in the fun park doing tricks on the jumps.


We just wanted to give it a go and finally tried … it’s been fun from the first minute. So, at the age of 13 I got my first snowboard. Since then I never stopped.

I started hanging out with the park guys ’till I became part of their group : I thought it was the coolest thing in the world! As I was the youngest I just wanted to be as good as them, a thing that I considered too hard, or better, impossible. But I always kept trying. People from school never understood what I was doing and why I was so addicted to snowboard, but I never cared about it. Today I’m more than grateful for never giving up.


1 year later I got my first sponsor (Völkl Snowboards) and only 3 years later I was already competing in my first Youth Olympic Games.
There’s no limit in this sport, you can achieve whatever goal you want, this is probably why I love snowboard so much. It takes a long time and a lot of work to do that, but if you never give up and keep dreaming, you will get there.


But as snowboard has a million pro, I must admit that there are also some cons. For example injuries. I know it’s unimaginable to think about them but they can happen. Doing a crazy trick or just riding around, you never know what will wait for you behind the corner.
Luckily I „only“ broke my nose twice.


And then, travelling around the world is the best, but missing things like your best friend’s 18th birthday or christmas with the fam sucks.


I went to the Nine Queens Event just a couple weeks ago and I must say I’ve never had so fun riding, before! Being with the best skiers and snowboarders of the whole world was dope! The set up was the best I had ever hit and the guys from the organisation did a great job.
If I had the chance to decide to do this again, of course I would!

— Birgit Rofner