A ground-breaking season, which started with the first ever competition in Colombia, home of the sport’s grand seigneur, Orlando Duque, and has broken point records more than once and seen the highest diving complexity in seven years of the World Series, will reach fever pitch in the season’s final showdown next Saturday. Bilbao’s La Salve Bridge will not only be the take-off strip for the year’s last aesthetic free falls and the place for the handing over of the 2015 champion’s trophy, but it will also be the venue for the 50th competition in Red Bull Cliff Diving with the Guggenheim Museum as the breathtaking backdrop for this huge milestone. While England’s Gary Hunt has already clinched his 5th title in seven years, one question remains to be answered: Which athletes will complete the 6 automatic qualification places behind the 5-time champion?

With an immaculate display of dives, including a running take-off, the season’s most dominant athlete, 31-year-old Gary Hunt, skipped to first place in the previous competition in Italy’s south last weekend. Already out of reach in the overall standings, the ‘brilliant Brit’ travels to Bilbao to make it seven victories out of eight competitions and crown an outstanding season. The fight for the overall top-3 is still to be fought out between Orlando Duque and Mexico’s rising star Jonathan Paredes, divided by 31 points. While positions 4 (Blake Aldridge, 690pts.) and 5 (David Colturi, 600pts.) seem to be pretty much set, the battle for the top-6 will reach its climax during the 50th stop, as only the season’s best six athletes will be granted a permanent spot in a 2016 Series. Can Russia’s Artem Silchenko (410pts.), who comes to Bilbao with a pulled calf muscle, or Czech’s Michal Navratil (400pts.) push the American Andy Jones (530pts.), who sits in the longed for sixth spot before the finale, off his position in the final stop of the 2015 season?


It will not only be the tight competition between the world’s best cliff divers in their attempt to excel which deserves attention, but also the venue for the coronation of the 2015 World Series champion: Bilbao’s 27m high La Salve Bridge spans over the Nerivón River and cuts through one vertex of the triangular site of the iconic Guggenheim Museum, which can be seen as the Basque’s capital peak of a social, economic and aesthetic revitalisation process.

While the ship-shaped museum has already achieved great visual impact, four wildcard divers will give it their best to trigger acrobatic impact in their three-second flights. Mexico’s Sergio Guzman, the only wildcard who’s ever made it to the podium, Polish diver Kris Kolanus, Colombian talent Miguel Garcia as well as America’s Kyle Mitrione complete the divers’ line-up. How well the invited athletes will take on their 85kph-fast challenges will be assessed by an international judging panel of five, headed by the Italian Claudio de Miro.


The enthusiastic spectators lining the Nervión River will be treated with jaw-dropping diving complexity from almost three times the Olympic height. Additionally, and right on time for the 50th stop jubilee, the 2015’s final showdown will be broadcasted live on  www.redbull.tv on Saturday, September 26 at 3.30pm CEST!