The perfect riding day needs a great soundtrack.
This could be your perfect day, but you don’t have the perfect cd….need a suggestion?



Wormholedeath is a record label, publishing and film production company born 5 years ago and owned by Carlo Bellotti Publishing.
The label is part of Aural Music Group, has an office in Tokyo (Japan), worldowide distribution network, its own press office and is administered by warner / Chappell Music worldwide.
Releases from bands such as Raw Power, Cadaveria, Ravenscry, Mechanical God Creation, Crysalys, Story Of Jade, Underwell, The Way Of Purity made Wormholedeath one of the best Rock/Metal labels in Europe.
Furthermore Wormholedeath has a sister label called Dreamcell11 specialized in Gothic/Ambient/EBM wich is home to bands like Theathres Des Vampires, Levania and many more.