With more than 60 obstacles ready for jumping and jibbing, the Italian Funnest snowpark is back to full business, with the only aim to make all level snowboarders and freeskiers have fun. Line M being open again, now all the range is available from S to XL, with a park full width of 120,000 square metres.


Thanks to the magical copious snowfalls characterising January and February, combined with the excellent shapers team’s strenuous work, the ribbon cutting of a completely working snowpark is now taking place and all level riding will be satisfied again! A late winter bringing many complexities did not upset Mottolino team, but instead gave a further spark to put even higher energies in order to offer the biggest park in Italy, featuring over 60 obstacles for everyone.

The traditional Line M is now finished with three jumps 6 mt long: very appreciated by experts and improving freestylers, the line is highly sliding for creative tricks, but also perfect for all those who would love to gain a good experience for the next step of fun.


The ‘Industry Line’ is the Italian jibbing paradise, with extraordinary ‘Made in Germany’ obstacles, thanks to Schneestern long-time experience. Every year, boxes, rails and tubes placement and maintenance request the highest cure and a lot of work, manually run by Mottolino shapers team together with German technicians.

Here an amazing park overview by drones:

Mottolino, with one of the best snowpark in Europe, this season has been chosen for international photo and video shootings powered by snowboard companies and media, thanks to its famous Line XL, which now features kickers up to 19 metres. Over the next few months the best snowboarders and their teams will be shredding around, the full rider list will be revealed soon on Big M socials!


Among all the delightful news for snow-addicted, the new jumps on Line S are waiting for all beginners who fancy to find out about the pleasure of freestyle. The up-to-date list of all the lines (S, M, L-XL, Jibbing and Kids Snowpark) is published on www.mottolino.com.