A good adjective to describe Mottolino snowpark shapers team would be ‘unstoppable’: with 62 obstacles and a completely renewed position, the most Fun park of Europe make everyone’s jaws drop. No half measures, unless we are talking about the wide range of possibilities which every freestyler, or newbie, can find in Livigno.

mottolino 1

The bigger lines, L and XL, are still dedicated to the experts, but Mottolino thinks about all of its passionates: with the jibbing area important strengthening, everyone shall have fun on the lots of obstacles placed all around the snowpark! Just a few days ago Michaela Davis-Meehan, former World Rookie Champion, was back in Livigno from Australia to slide the G91 fighter-bomber, placed in the jibbing area to be stroked by the most temerarious riders.

mottolino 2

A brand new Industry Jibbing Line, open from this week, is dedicated to medium-high level snowboarders and freeskiers. Mottolino chose to mark with stylish personality the street tricks with 15 obstacles inspired to the industry world, with metal and technology evocations. A few numbers for the most curious ones: two 6 m and a 9 m downindustry, two wallrides industry, one of which is 4 m, a 5 m flat industry, two double kinked (a 8 m flat-up-flat and a 7 m straight-right-straight), one 9 m donkey, a 3 m big tank and one 4,5 m tank. Completing the line there are a 5 m plastic tube, as well as a pole jam and a bonk ball. Moreover, to everyone who is approaching freestyle, the beginner line reserves plenty of surprises with a new location and brand new structures.

mottolino 3

For those who love to feel the air under their feet, Mottolino’s shapers have created 17 kickers from 1 to 20 meters, with their legendary touch, from S to XL lines. There is something to everyone’s liking: from those who’d like to warm up and improve, to jumps ad hoc for the best pro athletes getting ready for worldwide contests.

mottolino 4

If you fancy training for the Suzuki Nine Knights quali, this is your moment: Mottolino snowpark is spreading adrenaline, ready for all riders and skiers who are going to ride it. The German quality of Schneestern shapers team, the same as Nine Knights, brands 15 of the new obstacles.
Need a preview? Go on page http://bit.ly/Mottolino_park_structures_en!