Some weeks after Red Bull Illume submissions closed, the dust has finally settled. After receiving a record 34,624 images, judges have whipped out their monocles in search of the world’s greatest action and adventure sports photographs. See what they’ve found so far.


Here’s a look at some of the more interesting numbers to come out of the judging process to date:

11 – the percentage of females (out of 5,642 registrations) who entered Red Bull Illume in 2016. Find out why Krystle Wright thinks the number should be higher.

49 – the percentage of submissions from photographers who do it for a living. 41% claim to be amateurs, while 10% are trigger-happy students.

12 – the amount of different camera brands used to capture the 34,624 submissions.

3 – the preferred camera choices: Canon, Nikon and Sony.

2040 – the amount of submissions stored on G-Technology external drives on photographer’s desks.

45 – the percentage of entrants who label themselves as ‘adventure sports’ photographers. Bike sports, water sports and winter sports are some of the other popular disciplines.

89 – the number of photographers who only started shooting seriously last year (2015).

2 – the amount of photographers who first started capturing images in the 50’s – about the same time photographer Sam Shaw shot the famous “flying skirt” image of Marilyn Monroe.

What the stats can never show is the truly breathtaking quality of all 2016 submissions. Stay tuned to in the coming weeks for a sneak peak of some of the images and the incredible photographers who shot them.

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