Flashback. Last days of November 2015. Me and Denis, in our car, coming back home after a couple of days checking out a wonderful place: the shining brand new Capita factory, the newest and the best on the planet in terms of eco-sustainability and boards production.

Boards are beautiful, the planet is safe and the whole factory is a pure gem. The eco-green matter apart, you can’t be struck more than we were by the style of this beauty in between two valleys and with its own natural slope – good for testing out the newest boards. One can even avoid paying attention to the eco issues in our world, but in the end we all know that we need to come to terms with our poor Earth. Especially in this period.Anyways, I was saying.

Me and Denis, we are coming back home. Since we’ve been working on the mountains for the past 20 years, one would think we know that at the end of November, in Austria, chances of icy and snowy roads are kind of, yes, high. And in fact… our Fiat Punto gets stuck in the middle of a muddy snowy road on our way to the top of a mount. That was supposed to be a shortcut. No winter tires. Bummer, isn’t it? Indeed it is. Well, not so good for us both on one hand, on the other good in general.
Because a snowboard factory’s grand opening couldn’t be better with some white snow dumping down from the sky. And it’s good because the season is just about to begin and starting it all off with some nice powder days is just amazing. We know this, that’s why we can’t be that much bummed.

So I think about all the negative thoughts of the ones saying the planet is going down the sink because of the pollution, it’s getting warmer and warmer, the North Pole is melting down faster than one could think, blablabla… and so on and on.

Bullshit. Look! It is actually snowing at the end of November! So it can’t be that bad, come on. We realised it later in the month of December, that it can actually be that bad. And it already is that bad. But these thoughts are postponed to the end of this magazine. For now, just enjoy the good part of it – in between this page and the last one.


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