Words: Matteo Rossato
Pics: Fatbomb/Alone Collective

Sisko is a true Carachter. He’s really young but his name is out there for a while now. He’s a really determined and smart guy, always  positive and focused on what he really love: snowboarding. As a rider, he’s a real ATV: jumps, pipe, pow, rails, he can shred ’em all with phat style. He’s one on the main member of the newborn project-brand Alone Collective and has also his own thing called Fat Bomb. Let’s enter Sisko’s world..

sisko 4

Yo Sisko, where are you right now and what are you doin?

Hi guys, right now I’m in Sori, a town near the city of Genova, where I spent the most of my childhood. I’m resting a bit and working on future projects..

Your name is bumpin’ on the scene for a while now, you’ve been rookie of the year in 2010, then you kind of dissappeareared and lately you popped out again on 2012…what happened?

Yep, after working my ass off doing some FIS, TTR  and Rookie Tour contests around Europe, as I got 18 yo I decided to become snowboard coach to guarantee myself a life on a snowboard deck.

You’re from Genova, but live in Courmayeur. Did you follow the dream?

I better say I simply follow my way, all I wanted to do in my life was snowboarding, so I decide to move on the hill to ride everyday.

Not so many people know that you had a sister that race in the SBX Olympics and is a badass with many medals under the belt…I gotta think your family has snowboarding in the DNA..

Ah ah…sort of! In my house snowboarding is always an hot topic and our parents are our biggest fans. They helped us to follow our dreams. Well in regard of SBX, we both started racing in all the alpine disciples, I ride since I was 5, but later she went for speed while all I wanted to do was jumping!


How’s snowboarding health right now? Someone say that’s facing its first big crisis, some others say that’s is growing up…what’s your opinion?

Globally talking I think snowboarding is still growing, you see new tricks every day, new technologies, new brands…but in Italy is way more different. We have no leading federation, we have only a few snowparks to train seriously on, skipass prices always growing up,

In 2012 you entered in Alone Collective, a sort of project-crew-brand that popped out from nowhere and still now hard to define…as insider what’s exactly Alone Collective?

In the beginning neither I fully understood what Alone Collective was all about, but after an year as rider I can tell you that’s an ubercool project become brand, that push hard on style individuality and put his crew above all.


What is the real contribution – in there is any – of Alone Collective to Italian snowboarding, in your opinion? Some people say that they actually aren’t Italian cause they act abroad and talk in English…

Alone Collective is not an only Italian project, it looks further but is giving a fresh look of the Italian scene. It never happened a project like that, with a massive web comunication and continuous updates for the followers and simple curious;  the most of the other brands give some stuff to the riders and then let they promote by theirselves, with a team meeting once in a year, while Alone Collective keep their homies tight organizing shooting and meetings all year long.

For me that’s the ral thing, that make me think “Sisko is not alone” and I’m part of a great thing.

Back to you, Sisko: you claim you love steel but you’re pretty confident in the air, too. Which are your terrain top chart?

Since I started riding I usually rode in resorts without a real snowpark, so I start finding obstacles around the slopes, like skater does. I love flatground tricks and do creative stuff exploiting the environment! Later on, I sharpened the flat tecnique bringin it to Kickers and rails. But the terrain I love the most is street, where you have to be confindent before tryin’, where you have to study the environment and be creative to ride at best what you have.

Now on FatBomb. Seems that you and your buddies are still pushing that phat G style that has left room for the new skinnied down, skate style trend…it’s a crew statement?

Since I was young I always was into hip hop culture; I breaked, I was into writing, sort of that stuff. When I started snowboarding all the freestylers were using those baggy clothes and I’m still into that kind of fit. I don’t think stretch pants and 40 cms stance help you to be free in your style eh eh…

I have always been a creative guy and with some homies we started doing those hoodies and tees for fun and to represent who we are…now we’re in full development and I’d like to see FatBomb to become a proper brand one day..who knows..


Gremlinz, Videograss, DejaVu, who is the real innovator and why? I think that the real innovator in those days is Halldor Helgason; since his videopart in “They came from” he amazed me for the tricks he brang on all the terrains! I think he’s pushing way more than other snowboarding right now..Of course I love Gremlinz, too.

Cool homie. Now last question…why Sisko nickname?
Dunno really…It popped out one of the first summer spent at 2Alpes….maybe it come from my name: Francesco – Francisco – Sisko…who knows? Ah ah…

Last shouts and thanks?
I’ll try to be quick…I say Holla and Thanks to my family and to all my homies out there! Yeeeep!

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Know more about Sisko on his facebook page, or on alonecollective and fatbomb website.