The act of skating and making jewelry are quite different, but then again quite similar when it comes to technical skill, precision and creativity.

Santiago first started designing and creating jewelry when he was approximately 12 years old. He started at a school that taught different trades and quickly fell in love with playing and forming the metals into different shapes.

As he got older, his focus started shifting more and more towards skating. He took a break from his jewelry for a number of years but has recently started creating again. He calls his new project SAR (his initials).

He believes that it’s important to create as much as you can with your own two hands. His work space, including his benches and about half of his tools, were handmade by Santi. Craftsmanship and quality still prevail over speed and profit for this young Argentinian maestro. Check out his website and Instagram (@sar_joyeria) and pick up something for yourself or your lover.

The entire issue is available for free online on SKATERSATLAS.COM.