The Red Bull Illume Wings category is all about showcasing super-creative shots of athletes getting air. Cliff diving, massive half-pipe airs – if it’s high-up, it belongs in Wings.


Wings is the perfect category for action and adventure sport images that illustrate flight in one way or another. These images aren’t simply limited to aircraft or athletes spreading their arms. An image of a dramatic dive or jump will do just fine. It’s all about catching air and capturing the moment when an athlete is far off the ground. One former judge defines it some more: “It has to be clear that the athlete is in the air – he has to be off the ground. To do well, the image must also offer something fresh and different.”


In 2013, Samo Vidic’s category winning image certainly was different. It showed Jorge Ferzuli diving from a 26.8-meter platform during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Athens, Greece. “I usually try to get different styles of photos from the water and here I was lucky enough to capture a bird flying next to Jorge,” said Vidic. “Later when I showed this photo to other people, everybody was really impressed.”

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