Magic Movie

Check out the second teaser of Magic Hair‘s third film Magic Movie supported by, Banshee Bungee and Ink Monstr.

A free homies video featuring: Kent Leng, Nick Brewer, Connor Southard, Paul Buck, Cole Linzmeyer, Alex Carver, Colin Ofloy, Andrew Yoder, Tim Lyons, Alex Cutler, Dan Vinzent, Sam Duncan, Brandon Sakiewicz, Jackson Fowler, Jordon Daniels, Nate Cordero, Bryan Cordero, Nate Lavik, Greg Sudac, Maxwell Scott, Mike Goodwin, Kyle Kelley, Moss Halladay, Josh Bishop, Josh Tranby and many others.

I tell you another thing about these guys from Boulder, Colorado. Do you remember Bits & Pieces? The full video is available for free, by Vimeo or at