Marcin Solecki memorial

We learnt too late the sad news that said a couple weeks ago a famous Italian (but with Poland origins) Marcin Solecki left this world. Marcin was known in Rome as Mr. Pop for his power ollie duties, but was known also for being a nice guys with a strong love for skaeboarding and a face you coudn’t hate. Well his friend wanted to remember him with an event organized to remember him but also to help Marcin sister.

The event took place at Cinecitt√† (Rome) skatepark on sat. may 29, 2010, startin’ from 11 am: there was music thrown by dj Kobob from Flaminio Maphia, there was the bastard team and the shit team sessionin’ for and with Marcin, there was also black hand crew that painted the outer skatepark wall in honor of the missed skater.

5 Euros was the fee to enter and all the money raised has been given to Marcin family, and you could also buy bastard ltd t-shirt and boards dedicated to Marcin.

If you feel guilty to miss the event, don’t worry: you can still make something for him and his family, by donating something through the postepay and paypal account opened for him by his friend Fabio Liguori.


Accouts where make an offer:
postepay: 4023600583061074
paypal : marcinsolecki4ever

General infos on offers and how to: 329.6023159

Skate hard, Marcin.

Behind Magazine crew.