Marco Lambertucci pro deck for Blind skateboards

With big pride we welcome to Blast dist., and soon in the best skateshops around, the first Marco Lambertucci pro deck for Blind Skateboards.






Longtime member of the European team, for more than 15 years one of the best Italian street skaters, Marco is one of the most recognized names out of the national boundaries.

The Lambertucci is part of the BrotherHood series, that blind dedicated of the most influential skaters of its rooster.


Avaible in three sizes, 8.1″ x 31.8″ and 8.0″ x 32.1″, the Lambertucci Brotherhood will be presented for the first time at BonoboLabo on february 16, 2013 during an event in collaboration with Share Skateboarding.

The event include a contest, demos, party and good vibes.

Congrats Marco!