Mark Monea Lands First Ever 360 Front Flip!

Australia’s Mark Monea successfully landed the first-ever 360 frontflip on a motocross bike. The trick was landed at X Games gold medalist Cam Sinclair’s FMX park just outside Melbourne, Australia and was thrown off a metal kicker ramp set at 51 feet.

Monea, developed the trick after weeks of attempting to throw a straight frontflip into Sinclair’s foam pit. Starting off on a BMX bike and then moving to a mini bike, Monea had the frontflip dialed, but after attempting it on his full sized Honda CRF250 the trick turned into something resembling a 360 front flip. “I was more confused than pumped when I did the first one into the foam pit” said Monea. “When I’m on the bike, it feels like a dead-straight frontflip, but when I look at the footage it seems to flatten out and do all types of weird things”.


Monea tried the trick, which he’s calling “the carry on” into foam for four weeks before deciding to take it to dirt. He landed his first attempt to dirt. Unknown to the FMX world, Monea is a motocross mechanic by trade and was working as Sinclair’s mechanic when Sinclair had his life threatening crash in Madrid at the 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. Racing motocross since he was four-years-old, Monea just started riding FMX late last year and has only a few basic tricks in his repertoire. He cannot do a backflip and has never competed in FMX on any level.

Inverted tricks in motocross began when Carey Hart first attempted the backflip in 2000. Metzger successfully brought the backflip to competition in 2002, and the next year both Travis Pastrana and Brian Deegan landed versions of an off-axis 360. In 2009, both Jim Dechamp and Charles Pages landed frontflips. Monea is the first rider known to have attempted a spinning front.