Martin Soderstrom “Man vs. Machine” webisodes complete playlist

The last of three “Man vs. Machine” webisodes went live last weekend. Now you can watch and embed all three Martin Soderstrom webisodes in one play list:  See the young Swede rocking the best spots in NorCal and having sessions with the local pros.

Martin’s two weeks training trip gives a deep insight into the every day life of a pro. Beginning from being bored, waiting at the airport, over cruising from spot to spot in the rental car, Jacuzzi chill outs or jogging at the beach. Of course, the ANTImedia crew around Niels Windfeldt and Andreas Braaten also put a strong focus on the bike action. The overall result is a unique, well filmed and edited mini series that doesn’t take itself too serious. Some extra funny scenes are worth a laugh on top. Martin and his Scandinavian fellow Trond Hansen ripped all the most important spots like Aptos post office jumps or Woodward West and had good sessions with well known riders like Brandon Semenuk, Andreu Lacondeguy, Greg Watts, Sam Pilgrim, Ryan Howard or Cameron McCaul.

The “Man vs. Machine” webisodes are a “must-see” for all tricks loving bike fans. It just takes about 30 minutes to enjoy the whole mini series.
Special thanks go out to NS Bikes, Red Bull, Decline, Fri Flyt & who made this project possible.