Marzocchi, a lightweight hits the market

Soon, the 29” mountain bike experience will never be the same again with a brand new fork bringing you the perfect suspension package for 2012. Already back in 2000, mountain bike legend Gary Fisher and our own Bryson Martin worked on our very first 29” fork.

Fast forward to 2011 and we can see that the mountain bike world is finally catching up to that decade old vision we had with Gary… 29” bikes rock! For 2012, Marzocchi has developed an all-new 29” fork: the CORSA Superleggera 29”. 100% optimized for the big wheel, this fork is super lightweight with a carbon fiber crown and steer tube and fits wider tires than any of its competitors.

Many other designs are simply extensions of the 26” fork chassis but we took it a step further and developed a fork that is dedicated to the performance requirements the big wheel demands!

TRAVEL: 80-100-120mm with spacers
LEFT LEG: TST MICRO (lock out, micro adjust compression & rebound)
SPRING: air + negative spring
CASTING: 32mm QR15 axle
STANCHION: nickel treatment tapered
STEER TUBE: carbon fiber crown and steer tube (1,5″ -> 1-1/8″ only)
DISC BRAKE: 6″ PM (max disc 8″)
WEIGHT: 1650g with carbon fiber crown and steer tube (1,5”-> 1-1/8”)
OPTIONS: Remote TST control, hollow aluminum crown 1-1/8″ or 1,5″->1-1/8″ aluminum steer tube