Michael Clark EXPOSED

Red Bull photographer Michael Clark is releasing a new book, Exposed: Inside the life and images of a pro photographer. With Exposed, Clark has created a photographic guide packed with practical tips, detailed lighting setups and behind-the-scenes stories from a variety of adventurous assignments.

The photo book provides an inside look at the reality of working in extreme conditions to capture and process breath-taking imagery, and the reality behind being a professional photographer.

Clark offers start-to-finish details of some of his most demanding assignments—rock climbing, big wave surfing, sky-diving, and mountain biking. Sharing his personal shooting expertise, the Red Bull photographer gives advice about on-the-fly problem-solving skills and post-processing techniques in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. An accompanying DVD-ROM with 149-minutes of video shows the author’s post-processing workflow using Lightroom and Photoshop for 16 of the images featured in the book. Also included is a how-to primer on these software programs.

“I discuss the sixteen images in detail and tell how they were created, the story behind the images, how they were shot and also how they were worked up so that everyone can see the entire process—and what it took to get the shot. Along the way I make sure not to leave out the embarrassing parts or any of the gory details so the reader can learn from my experiences!”

“The idea behind this book is to strip some of the glamour off this profession and share a wide range of stories and experiences to give the reader a very clear view of what it is like to be a working professional photographer—and what it takes to create top-notch images,” says Clark.

Exposed is available for pre-order on PeachPit, Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles. For more info, check out Clark’s website here.