Moments of Contrast, Episode #2

The 3-episode “Moments of Contrast” series started with the “Lahnvalley Crew” riders whipping their way down Bikepark Leogang’s freeride tracks.

In Episode two, titled “Down to Earth” they leave wallrides and obstacles aside and devoted themselves to the smooth single trails and culinary treats the Saalfelden Leogang region has to offer.


Playing host to 4X and Downhill World Championships, Bikepark Leogang is well known beyond the boarders of Austria. Bike enthusiasts from the entire continent come together at this versatile park. It doesn’t matter if they like to race down tracks Gee Atherton style or if they get their adrenaline kicks on northshore trails. Even riders who prefer to stay away from the big jumps, drops and wallrides won’t fall short of riding fun. Saalfelden Leogang offers a broad network of natural and smooth single trails. The local bike and film group “Lahnvalley Crew” has gone on a quest to discover and bring to light the endless trails of the region. The outcome – well, see for yourself!


Catching the flow along natural single trails and living the ‘highlife’ (literally) – that’s what it’s all about in episode 2 “Down to Earth”. Packed with ‘righty tighties’ and ‘lefty loosies’, the seemingly endless corner-combinations zig-zag through Saalfelden Leogang’s woodland. With grins in their faces the Lahnvalley Crew bounce from corner to corner, ripping up the berms and enjoying the descent down to the valley. With the flow looking like it was never going to end – the crew arrive at one of the quaint mountain chalets and decide to take a rest bite in the warm sun on the chalet’s terrace. Enjoying a refreshing drink and taking in the panoramic view of the surrounding peaks, the riders loosen up their muscles before getting back behind the bars. When you come across one of Saalfelden Leogang’s chalets, make sure to try some of the culinary highlights: the “Brettljause” is a real treat!


The full-roundedness of Saalfelden Leogangs trails is the ultimate “Down to Earth” feeling. There is no need to take on the big jumps or obstacles – flowy natural trails is all you need for a memorable experience.
If “Down to Earth” has stirred up your appetite for the endless trails then we have good news for you: the snow is melting and it wont be long until the trails are dry again. We will see you in Saalfelden Leogang and remember: just go with the flow!

Episode 3 of “Moments of Contrast – Bike Season Opening” will be released on April 23rd – stay tuned!