“Momentum – Andreu Lacondeguy” webisode

Andreu Lacondeguy has grown up. The Spanish Kona Clump team rider at least turned 21 today. Five webisodes of the “Momentum” documentary deliver a deep insight into Andreu’s life and the juvenile energy he still owns.
The first clip is now online on www.watch26.tv/video/322 – a new one will follow each Tuesday.

The first “Momentum – Andreu Lacondeguy” webisode deals with his start in mountain biking and the day he was asked to film for Freeride Entertainment’s New World Disorder series. The best scenes of NWD and his first double backflip during the 26TRIX comp in Leogang back in 2007 are a perfect contrast to the other footage taken exclusively for the documentary in his hometown.

If you missed the “Momentum – Andreu Lacondeguy” film on Servus TV last December, the webisodes are your chance to get the big picture of the young gun and outstanding trick machine from Barcelona.
Webisode number two is coming up next week – featuring a session with his friends at the Lacondeguy’s local dirt jump spot called Laconland.

Photos Courtesy of Rasoulution