Mountain biking gets its own pure video platform

A brand-new mountain bike video platform, with the title, is celebrating its launch. The ambition of is to deliver the sport a high-class video presentation platform and will also set new standards in usability, video and player quality as well as user integration and comfort.

The idea behind is quite simple. After youtube, vimeo & co showed how big the request of “video on demand” is, it was time to design an individual alternative to those bulk-networks and therefore deliver the special interest group of mountain bike enthusiasts what it deserves: its own exclusive video portal: is designed to provide a high quality video platform to the users with highest demands on usability, video quality and special interest content.


A custom-built video player is one of the hallmarks of The player’s uniqueness is provided by a bigger size, extra short loading times as well as special developed action sports features like slow motion function and additional video information about riders and spots.

As a pure mountain bike platform, is covering the whole scope of the sport and is separating the mountain bike scene in different channels, so every single mountain biking field is assigned to its own section.

In six channels is providing high-class premium videos from all over the world for the different sectors: All Mountain, Events, Trix’n Style, Movies, Gravity, Oldschool. All channels besides Movies will be live from today on. the main objective of the channel movie is to provide the user with permanent access to movies in full length. A viewing pleasure without disruption, thus offered by no one else.

Faces: The channel “Faces” shows on the one hand comprehensive profiles of professional mountain bike athletes and gives the user an insight of the stars of the scene as well as their latest and best footage. On the other hand there will be also profiles of producers and production companies which can support their current projects with teasers and additional info about the producers and film-makers.

Spot check: Presenting different bike spots around the world with detailed information, map-service and lots of videos of the spots.

Your26clips: Users can create their own account and upload their home made mountain bike videos.

The launch of will be celebrated at the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen. The European trade show will take place from September 2nd- 5th, 2009 and will be there to present itself to the competent audience. To visit at this year’s Eurobike please come to the Camelbak booth at hall A4 (No. 301) and get an impression what this brand new mountain bike video platform stands for: high quality video entertainment from the scene for the scene.