Ms Larsen – Remember and Warn!

Photo Book Launch Party & Exhibition

Saturday November 15th 2008 @ Case Decorate, Via Taglio 58 – Modena – Italy from 20:00 – free admission

One-off event to present “Remember and Warn!”, Ms Larsen’s debut book, a lifelong photo trip that starts with her first shot ever and ends with her latest works.
The book features punk kids and skaters in action, stolen fragments of everyday life, shots of people met all around the world from Italy to Berlin (before and after the Wall), the streets of Marseille, Morocco and Eastern Europe.

These works can be easily defined as “street photography”, a form of communication strictly connected to Graffiti and street art in general. A special section of the book is dedicated to “Bosnian Graffiti”, a street art reportage through various derelict bombed out buildings in post war Sarajevo and Mostar.

The 96 pages book features photos taken with different techniques and vintage soviet cameras.

MS LARSEN – “REMEMBER AND WARN!” photo book limited edition 100/100.  96 Pages, Colour & Black and White. Size: 14,7 cm x 21 cm.
Design and artwork: IL SEÑOR LOPEZ