My colleague is an alien

In my company there are 220 employees. All happy and dolt, except for me. I’ve always wondered what or who’s guiding us in this endless universe. Finally, the answer came. Thanks to a colleague I never saw before. He came from one of the departments on the ground floor, walking straight to the office of our boss at the 3rd, escorted by two guys friends of mine coming before him, cautiously watching that nobody would move while he was passing. If moves were not clear in a first moment, then we all suddenly realized.

He rushed to the boss’office, while he was busy in a phone call to Argentina, he claimed he urgently had to speak with him, but my boss gestured he should have waited a second, for he was speaking. No way man, what he had to say was more important, so he cut the phone call , cried out he was the Nasa main governor undercover in a CIA mission, in contact with the aliens, who had to find out an unidentified virus spread through the company… everybody knew about its existence, it was useless faking to be surprised. But what made him really mad was that he had to urgently teleport himself to Canada where a squad was waiting for him. As my boss dully looked at him sit back in his chair just answering “ so, what can we do now?”, he cried even louder and begun talking half spanish half english, for he could clearly understand. In the meantime, police came, some damned spies called them, he went out the company together with the other two guys, saw the men in uniform, called the police central with his high tech mobile, warned them that 3 unauthorized militars were around the company and instructed the central to send a couple of cars for helping him.

One of the policemen already on place, going to the offices for taking in charge the fact documentation, probably not believing him, made fun of him, called the central, took the mobile number of my colleague, called him in name of the central station and told him that his undercover was still valid, that his file was found, that he hadn’t to reveal anything else, that he had to follow the nurses on the just come ambulance – a fake ambulance for sure!- , for they would have taken him to the central for reporting and instructions.

Dammit, that policeman trapped him! He followed what he listened to, but before entering the ambulance, for he’s an honest and loyal agent, he told my boss he didn’t know yet when he could have been back to work, firstly because the teleportation had to be repaired, secondly because he didn’t know yet if his mission would have been moved to a different place. My boss dully nodded, yet trying to understand what had just happened.

This is a true story.

Don’t trust God, nobody knows if he exists. Aliens do indeed, instead. They watch and decide the world’s fate. My colleague is the evidence. You are warned, the spaceship is coming on the judgement day to save us all … maybe. I believe, you’d better do it too, if you want to save your soul.