NBA Mix Master headphones

Just in time for the 2010 NBA Playoffs, Skullcandy is dropping a limited run of MIX MASTER NBA Player Series Headphones to commemorate their official partnership with the NBA On April 20th, Skullcandy will release six Player Series headphones at Apple retail stores within select markets.

Each headphone will be 1 of 100 to truly make this a limited edition piece. Only twenty headphones per player will also be available on to the lucky few who get there first.

The Mix Master is a gold-plated game changer coming complete with twin audio inputs, mute button and dual channel cue control to custom fit whatever beats you might be dropping. The Coil Cable provides the perfect function for any action behind the turntables; while the straight cable lets you hook up to whatever audio device you happen to be rocking.

The NBA Limited MM collection includes:

Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls

..and other gorgeous models.

Available at Apple Stores in the following markets:

Los Angeles
New York

Available from April 20th