New MacAskill Signature products from Lezyne

The Californian accessories manufacturer Lezyne and Danny MacAskill will renew their cooperation for another two years.
Reason enough for Lezyne to launch its new MacAskill Signature products: the MacAskill Block Tool and the MacAskill Travel Drive Pump.


You don’t necessarily have to nail front flips from telephone boxes or jump down twenty-foot drops to be aware of the requirements for regular bike care. In the case of Danny MacAskill, who often exposes his famous orange Trial bike to extreme stress, bike care could not be more important. For a trained bike mechanic like Danny, who now enjoys bike maintenance in his down time, partnering up with the high-grade tool manufacturer Lezyne is a great pleasure. In fact, Danny hit the nail on the head with Lezyne: the quality of their tools and their stylish design are the main reasons, why the Scottish YouTube wunderkind chose to enter into a partnership with the bike accessories manufacturer.


MacAskill and Lezyne started their cooperation earlier this year and so far both sides have benefited from this decision. A corporate YouTube-project, already well over the million-click benchmark, shows Danny returning to his old work place, a small bike-shop in the city center of Edinburgh, where he tries out his new Lezyne-equipment for the first time.
During the summer, Danny took part in a bike mechanic workshop at a trial youth camp. Lezyne supported this event with a screwdriver workshop, where they taught kids how to utilize a bike multi-tool.


Danny MacAskill wants to continue this productive cooperation and signed up with Lezyne for another two years. On this occasion, the tool manufacturer launches two new MacAskill Signature products:

MacAskill Signature Block Tool
– 2/2,5/3/4/5/6/8 Inbus
– T25 Torx – compiled by Danny’s requests
– CNC milled „I-Beam“ Body Design is both lightweight and strong – also suitable for workshop use
– Extra long Tool Bits
– Price: 17,90 €

MacAskill Signature Travel Drive Pump:
– CNC machined aluminum handle with milled signature
– Black anodized
– Flat design for ease fit into the bike box
– Protective bag (bag also with Danny MacAskill logo) – space-saving and gentle to the frame in the luggage
– Reversible valve head (flip chuck) for Presta and Schrade valves
– max 160 psi
– Price: 79,90 €


The Danny MacAskill Signature products are available from February 2013 in bike shops. More information on the new products can be found on:
Lezyne is proud of a successful 2012 season and is looking forward to supporting Danny over the next two years!

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