Nike 6.0 red ledge session

Nike 6.0 is creating the GREATEST HITS Park at Mt. Seymour, BC to support the local shred community. The Nike 6.0 GREATEST HITS Park is rebuilding three iconic features that influenced snow-culture history, bringing together world-class spots in one location and adding to the already epic roster of shred-spots in the Vancouver area.

The first feature to be reconstructed is the Red Ledge, a daunting concrete monster at Montmorency Falls in Quebec City. Made famous by seasoned film crews, the Red Ledge may be wide, but it’s steep and fast—and don’t underestimate the power of that bottom kink. Many banger tricks have gone down here while several other brave souls have been broke off at the Ledge.

“I remember the first time I saw someone hit the Red Ledge and it looked surreal. I’ve always wanted to ride it, but just haven’t made it that way. I’m pumped it will be in my backyard at Mt. Seymour and available for all the local riders to hit!” Kevin Sansalone, Nike 6.0 Canada Snow Mentor.

To unveil the Red Ledge, Nike 6.0 is hosting a grassroots jam session at Mt. Seymour on Saturday, January 30th. “It’s been so much fun to fabricate a replica of the Red Ledge! It’s going to be a standout addition to the Mt. Seymour Park and super fun all season. The hardest part has been keeping it under wraps. Can’t wait to see kids riding it on Saturday for the first time!” Mark Williams, Mt. Seymour Terrain Park Manager.

The free jam session, open to all, goes down 11:00 AM-3:00 PM, and includes food, music, and 6.0 product giveaways. Be sure to bring your bangers- 6.0 hired a professional photographer to snap pics of the session and riders with the best shots will win 6.0 product. Registration is required (10:00 AM at the Nike 6.0 hut) and everyone must sign a waiver, downloadable at Anyone under age 19 will need a parent or guardian signature. To celebrate the Red Ledge opening, Mt. Seymour has graciously thrown down a free season pass for one lucky rider who cast a vote in the local Vancouver feature contest.

Speaking of local contests, the results are in. Local Vancouver riders voted to build a replica of an electrical box. These high-voltage features are sessioned day and night throughout Vancouver, Kelowna, and the rest of Canada. Riders worldwide have been hitting transistors and various utility features for decades and Nike 6.0 is excited to replicate an electrifying version at Mt. Seymour.

The final legendary feature for the GREATEST HITS Park is yet to be decided. Remember the first flick you saw featuring the Montreal Big O Pyramids or maybe it was your favorite rail-slayer hitting the Burlington DoubleSet Rail? Get inspired and cast your vote at before January 30, 2010. The winning feature will be constructed in mid-February by Snow Park Solutions, Hangman Productions and the Mt. Seymour park crew.