Nike 6.0 welcome French rider Gerome “Coin Coin” Mathieu

“Coin-coin” as he’s known due to a French/English translation error involving a duck (long story), has quietly been ripping apart the French Pyrenees for years. His riding hasn’t gone unnoticed, being only the second European to stick the double cork 10 after David Benedek, he started last season with some noise, announcing himself at the prestigious European Kaunertal Opening 09 with a convincing win.

With typical French passion, Gerome is quietly becoming one of France’s most committed riders, having the professionalism and hard working attitude required to ‘make it’ to the top, and the ability needed to stay up there.

Unfortunately blighted by injury early in the season Gerome has worked hard to get back to fighting strength and has made a remarkable early recovery. In doing so has clearly displayed his intentions for his future career in snowboarding. The man is considered a bit of a machine.

Gerome is now back where he belongs in the mountains and ready to make the most of 2010 having already been asked to join the legendary Pirates Crew in Europe, who have picked up on his appetite for massive tricks both in the park and back-country which suits their crew well.

With the Pirate ship in full sail and a trick repertoire clicking up on a daily basis, Nike 6.0 are in the mix and fully backing Gerome with the Outerwear program.

Seems Coin-coin is stoked too – “I had always been attracted by this brand with all the best athletes in the world. Now I’m proud to represent 6.0 with footwear, apparel and outerwear”

Photos Courtrsy of Nike 6.0