Nike 6.0 welcome Mikkel Bang to the team!

Remembered by many as the hyperactive knee-high 13 year old with pasta stuck up his nose in his first international video section (White Balance), Mikkel has made a smooth transition from super-grom to a stylish 6’2” tall fullygrown rider.

From Oslo, Norway, Mikkel first proved he meant business to the world when he won the Rookie Challenge at the Air and Style in 2006, gaining a wild card spot in the main event. The following year he powered through the knock out big air competition, beating many of the world’s best riders to take second place overall with an incredibly slick switch backside 1080.

King of jibs and jumps, Mikkel rules in both slopestyle and big air competitions, in 2009 alone he racked up four podium spots at major events including the X Games, the  Canadian Open and the Dew Tour. Famous for his endlessly positive attitude and enthusiasm for pretty much everything, Nike 6.0 are stoked to have him on board the footwear team and are looking forward to working with him in the 2010 season.

Mikkel on joining the team:
Being a part of Nike is a huge deal, an honor considering all the athletes they have in soccer, golf, basketball; in all different sports. I’m also really excited that some of my friends are on 6.0 as well, Kevin, Mason and Peetu, I’ll get to see them loads more and we’ll have time to ride and have fun together…