Nike Chosen Series: Kronplatz

With a foot of fresh snow falling over night, the expert F-Tech shaper crew pulled out the stops to make Kronplatz, Italy, proud with an immaculate kicker for the 3rd stop of the Nike Chosen Series.

From the off, local brothers Daniel (Back 7 Melon to shifty) and Oliver Reichegger (Front Rodeo 5 Stiffy) took the event by the reins, laying down a huge variety of spins and double grabs which saw them sail into the finals. Joining them in the 10-man cut was Alex Reiner (Front 7 double tail) and David Mahlknecht (Front 10 Melon).

With a judging format that looks for a variety or tricks and spins each way in favour of single bangers, the finals saw the biggest variation of double grabs so far on the 9-stop tour. Daniel Reichegger was consistent throughout using the kicker and the bonk feature in equal measure giving the judges a stoke with a floated miller flip, classic stylish Cab 5s, a maverick back 5 double nose grab and a backside 9 nose grab – the award for MVP (most valuable player) was never in doubt.