Nike Presents The CHOSEN Crew Video Contest On Facebook

Take the stage and own the spot light. Nike 6.0 are looking for crews pushing the boundaries of style and creativity. Because the further you go, the further we all go.

Rep your crew.
Nike 6.0 team showed you what they do, now it’s time to show the world what you do. Create a video that captures your style, creativity and originality as only your crew could.

Get noticed.
You don’t have to land a switch hard flip down the Hollywood High stairs or set off fireworks in the backcountry, but you do have to put on a show. Crews that create a buzz within Facebook will stand out and get noticed.

Live like a pro.
The Chosen crew will score the ultimate prize: the opportunity to live like a Nike pro. We’re talking premium travel, exclusive events, custom product…use your imagination. Five minutes of footage could win you the experience of a lifetime.

Submit a video of Skate, BMX, Surf or support a crew, submission ends 7/29.
Snow contest launches this winter

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