Nike SB Barca

To celebrate the release of the Nike Zoom Paul Rodriguez 5, Paul’s journey takes him to Barcelona. Follow their crews as they hit in the streets in Barcelona, the best city in the world for skateboarding.

After 2009 launch of Rod III with the perfect day video and the special appearance of Kobe Bryant and with the soundtrak by Ice Cube , after P Rod IV  launch in 2010 in New York with Nas dedicated rhymes, this time it’s the turn of Barcellona for P Rod V launch.

The best riders of Nike SB international team like Omar Salazar and Gino Iannucci teamed up with Paul Rodriguez to skate the city, divided in 8 different teams and followed by the best photographers and filmers with the aim to capture their crazy lines in the European Mecca of skateboarding.

Everything will go live on the Tumblr dedicated website, that will be constantly updated by the teams: